Wedding Dash 4-Ever Announced

Wedding Dash 4-Ever Announced

Today, PlayFirst announced the next installment to their highly addictive DASH-franchise: Wedding Dash 4-Ever. This will be the fourth in the Wedding Dash series, and I can only imagine it will be just as, if not more, popular. Players again will assume the role of wedding planner maven, Quinn. Per the official press release, Wedding Dash 4-Ever will allow “players to tackle more wedding details, engage in more mini-games, quell guest mayhem and search for wedding collectibles to complete the ultimate dream wedding.”

This time around, Quinn really has her hands full. While getting ready for the upcoming wedding season, her mother, Lynn, arrives in town unexpectedly. Now this might not seem like such a big deal, except that Lynn is there to help Quinn plan her wedding. The problem? Quinn called off her wedding and has yet to tell her mother. Due to Lynn being clearly out of the loop, she becomes insistent in helping Quinn with her wedding, and all hell breaks loose. With Quinn already under enough stress as it is with her job, the additional problems courtesy of her mother only compound the situation, and the end result is some serious lady drama.

Quinn, for the first time ever in the Wedding Dash series, will be planning more weddings than ever, and even going into deeper detail. Rather than just planning out receptions, players will now get to coordinate ceremonies, guide conga lines, and deal with those pesky details like special requests. All of this has to be done so precisely because disasters have to be avoided, and the bride needs to be calm at all times.

An additional feature comes in the form of hidden collectibles that can be found within each level. When each piece is found, players will unlock objects to decorate the ultimate wedding venue of Quinn’s dreams.

If this is anything like the Wedding Dash I played on my iPhone, it’s going to be a blast. Plus, with the introduction of all of these great features, players are going to have a better gaming experience. Wedding Dash 4-Ever has a release date of August 10th, for both PC and Mac, so fans of the series won’t have to wait long.

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