Welcome to Blogathon 2010

Welcome to Blogathon 2010

Good morning (if you can call being awake at this abominable hour “good”)!  Please allow me to use this first post of our 24 hour One Love for Chi blogathon to thank you for coming, and to invite you to return every half hour for a new topic.

I’ll be your blogathon host from now (6:00am PST) until 11:30am PST.  At noon PST Ashley will be taking over for a little while.  Until then, strap yourselves in for a veritable hurricane of fun! …Ok, ok, maybe that’s exaggerating it slightly.  How about a heavy rain of entertainment?  No…  What if I said a spring shower of interest?  Really, still no?  Hm… I got it, a dripping faucet of it could be worse!

Bam.  Strap yourselves in for a dripping faucet of it could be worse, coming at you for six hours!

-[insert OH MAN THAT WAS BAD here]

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  • Erik Schermond

    Good luck, guys! I’m here to help in whatever way I can.

  • Austin Alan



  • I’m excited and stressed all at the same time lol! I couldn’t even sleep properly last night. All I kept thinking about was the Blogathon haha!

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