A New Way to Play Wii

A New Way to Play Wii

THQ announced their all new drawing peripheral for the Nintendo Wii today, the uDraw Game Tablet. It introduces a new way to play Wii games and tons of possibilities for future titles. So if you like drawing, check it out!

The uDraw Game Tablet was announced today at Gamescom by THQ. The tablet will allow players to draw whatever they want and implement it into the uDraw games. Like most people would expect, the Udraw Game Tablet is small enough to sit in your lap while you draw with the pressure sensitive stylus. The tablet is powered by the Wii Remote which has it’s own dock on the left side of the tablet. Since the Wii Remote is still active while the uDraw Tablet is connected, you can tilt the tablet to have characters move while playing compatible games.

Packed in with the uDraw Game Tablet is uDraw Studio. This is a simple game that shows off the power of the uDraw Tablet by encouraging players to be creative by allowing them to draw and color whatever they want in a virtual art studio. This game seems very reminiscent to Mario Paint on the Super Nintendo except this has better graphics and more features such as saving your pictures to an SD card so you can share your creations with friends and family.

In addition to the bundled game, THQ has also developed two other titles that will be released the same date as the uDraw Game Tablet so that you can have more fun with the new peripheral! The first additional game is something that everyone in the family will recognize and easily be able to jump into: Pictionary.

Pictionary has all of the original rules and fun of the Mattel version. This one also has more features and unique modes of play such as the one line challenge, in which you have to draw your entire picture only using one line, a rotating canvas challenge, and all introduced in a way that make you feel like you’re in a game show.

Dood’s Big Adventure is the second game to be release alongside the uDraw Game Tablet. Players will create their own Dood and then drop them into a large side-scrolling fantasy world. The game includes four different play modes and over sixty levels.

The new uDraw Game Tablet looks promising and THQ has stated that they have already planned to release more games for it throughout 2011. A definite price has not been determined and probably won’t be until the time of the release, however THQ has given the uDraw Game Tablet – uDraw Studio bundle a suggested retail price of 69.99 while the additional games have been given a 29.99 suggested retail price. All three are set to be released during the Holiday Season 2010.

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