A Podcast You Should Listen To

A Podcast You Should Listen To

OK, I have a confession my little monsters: I don’t really listen to podcasts. I used to listen to SModcast, but I just sort of lost interest in them altogether. Hell, I even had my own podcast once, but in the end I’m just really not much of a podcast person. Enter the sultry podcast, A Slut’s Guide.

Coming straight to us from the UK, this steamy & clever little podcast is one of the more interesting ones out there. Hosted by the delicious Emma, the editing is well done, her voice is enticing, and she gets straight to the point. Now, keeping in theme with the shows name, this podcast is very adult oriented, but it’s far from smut. There’s a wonderful blend of wit, humor (or in Emma’s case, “humour”), intelligent banter, and racy pleasure that really helps make this stand out from the rest. It should also be noted that this is a very popular podcast, currently ranked as one of the top 20 downloaded over there in the UK, so A Slut’s Guide is the real deal.

Recorded every week from Emma’s bed, the podcast primarily focuses on sex, relationships, and talking dirty. According to the sites ‘About’ page, Emma says that her main reason for doing this is because the older she gets the “more surprised I am with how uptight people seem to be with things that I have always considered normal and easy.” Fans of her show can even ask for advice by simply sending her a Tweet to @aslutsguide.

Having been one of the more informative podcasts out there that I’ve listened to, I really find this to be quite enjoyable. So, if you’re into podcasts, or even if you aren’t, please check out their official website and download this tasty little gem. Be sure to light some candles, get yourself comfy, and prepare yourself because Emma shows no mercy lads!

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