Apparently the sky is not the limit in Bioshock Infinite

Apparently the sky is not the limit in Bioshock Infinite

Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away…

Sorry, but it seems appropriate to start an article about a Bioshock game with the lyrics to an old song. Only this time, instead of going somewhere beyond the sea we are going sky high. Gone now are the dank and soggy streets of the dying underwater city of Rapture, instead replaced by the bright sunlight and dizzying heights of  the floating city of Columbia. This is not your father’s Bioshock. This is Bioshock Infinite.

Now I wasn’t there in person to see the reveal, as the event was held in the luxurious Plaza Hotel in New York City. But from what I’ve gathered from the ol’ Intertubes Bioshock Infinite is actually a prequel, taking place around the turn of the century. Now if you remember, back then America was pretty high on itself. We were industrial revolutioning the crap out of ourselves and doing pretty good in the world. So, in crazy alternate dimension Bioshock universe, that of course means that we have to build a gigantic floating city. This is Columbia. Things go bad, though, when word gets out that our shining city on the clouds is quite well armed. There is an international incident and the city of Columbia just up and vanishes. How a floating city ever vanishes I don’t know, but okay, I’ll go with it.

So, we cut to 1912 and our hero, private eye Booker DeWitt, gets a job to find a girl. The snag is that said girl is on that gigantic disappeared floating city. But hey, no need to worry. Booker has an in. And so off Booker goes to shoot up jerks and punch out robots.

One of the big things that this game seems to do to set itself apart from the previous Bioshock games (well, aside from the whole flying city thing) is the theme. In Bioshock you were caught between the forces of capitalism and socialism, what is best for yourself vs. what is best for the group. Between the two games we saw what happened when a society adopts a me first attitude and when a society completely bends to a all for the greater good mentality. Here’s a hint: neither scenario turns out all that well. So, pardon the pun, the well of storytelling for Rapture had pretty much run dry. Infinite is tackling a new theme: jingoism. One look at this airborne metropolis will tell you all you need to know about the populace at large. These people love America. They also don’t want no stupid foreigners getting in there and screwing things up. Yes, that is the attitude of the people that have a flying fortress city with lots of cannons and killer robots. Hey, nobody ever said rescuing the girl was gonna be easy.

That’s about as much as I can say with what info I have. Be sure to check out the trailer and get a good look at Bioshock’s upwards upgrade. A word of caution for those who suffer from vertigo though. Its a long way down. Bioshock Infinite will fly onto store shelves sometime in 2012.

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  • Flatulent Jedi

    It seems 2K has resurrected themselves from the watery grave and given themselves a new life all together. I for one am glad that they can continue the series while at the same time leaving the dingy environment of Rapture. Can not wait.

    • Kyle

      As much as I loved Rapture, I agree. Its time to get out of there and explore someplace new. Hell, Columbia might even be more terrifying than Rapture because…man, those heights! I’m gonna be nervous just walking around in that game.

  • I haven’t played either of the BioShock games, but I have to wonder, what about Big Daddy? I like him 🙁 Also, I think it’s hilarious that the game takes place in 1912, almost an entire century prior to where we are now, and yet they get robots and flying cities. I want flying cities!

    • Kyle

      I think that robot thing at the beginning that steps on the Big Daddy figure (who I lovingly refer to as Mr. Clanks for now) is our replacement Big Daddy. And what with the freaky floating heart in a sphere he has going on…he might be even scarier than Big Daddy.

      And flying cities may be good, but I want a hover board. You have five years left Mattel. Get working.

  • Erik

    I’ve always been terrified of the ocean so Rapture was about as scary as it gets for me. I’m still very excited about this, though.

    • Kyle

      I’m still a little bit upset that I never got to fight a giant squid in Bioshock. I mean, imagine that. You in the Big Daddy outfit, walking through an opera hall or something when WHAM, in comes the tentacles. Hell, they could even juice up the squid with ADAM. Think of the possibilities of spliced up sea monsters.

      And speaking of ADAM, I wonder where the player will get their freaky magic powers in this game. There sure ain’t no sea slugs up in the sky (say that five times fast).

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