Awesome Crysis 2 Multiplayer News!

Awesome Crysis 2 Multiplayer News!

I’ve been reporting a lot about Crysis 2 lately, and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’m absolutely in love with this franchise! And EA just made me much, much happier after hearing about the new multiplayer modes in Crysis 2!

The first game mode is called Crash Site. To win on Crash Site, you will need to keep the enemy team far away while maintaining control of Ceph Drop Pods. It really is that simple! Control the pods the longest and win!

Then there’s the Team Instant Action, which is a simple deathmatch mode, where the objective is to kill but don’t get killed. Here, you’ll also have access to the Nanosuit so you can get to your enemies when they’re least expecting it!

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