Burn Zombie Burn! for Steam

Burn Zombie Burn! for Steam

Burn Zombie Burn! celebrates some of the best things in life: zombies, chainsaws, gatling guns, flame throwers, shotguns, and even lawn mowers. Coming out this month for Steam, Burn Zombie Burn! by P2Games is sure to please zombie fans.Players assume the role of Bruce, your average guy who has a girlfriend named Daisy. One Saturday night, Bruce’s plans with Daisy are thwarted when hordes of zombies start attacking. Doesn’t that sound like the best date night ever?

In the trailer, that features actual gameplay, I saw several weapons you can choose from like the aforementioned chainsaw, lawn mower, shotgun, flame thrower, and gatling gun. I also caught a few melee weapons, and honestly…who doesn’t love smashing a zombie with a baseball bat? In addition to kicking ass solo, there are additional modes like Defend Daisy, Timed, and Survival.

In Survival mode, the hordes of zombies onscreen will increase gradually, as a means of testing your accuracy. Also, for those who really want to experience the zombie apocalypse in its true form, there is an Extreme difficulty mode. What’s really cool is that each game comes with a downloadable strategy guide and comic to help them with questions they might have about the game.

Finally, for those who don’t care to play PC games, or don’t have Steam accounts, Burn Zombie Burn! is available now for PlayStation Network.

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