Comeback Kid “Symptoms and Cures” Album Review

Comeback Kid “Symptoms and Cures” Album Review

Comeback Kid is back. It’s about damn time.

Seriously. Oh, you want an actual review? Don’t believe me when I say this album builds on everything they had going from “Broadcasting…” with new singer Andrew Neufeld? Let me then convince you.

The album opens with “Do Yourself A Favor” in typical Comeback Kid fashion. Nice intro riff followed by power. “Crooked Floors” mixes Neufeld’s yells, which are absolutely amazing this album, with the background shouts ala Wake The Dead into one of the most memorable songs on the tracklist. “G.M. Vincent & I” continue the mix, with the vocals taking center stage during verses and everything coming together perfectly during the chorus. “Because Of All The Things You Say” tries to echo the feelings of such past songs like “Die Tonight,” but the lyrics aren’t there to match the intent. “The Concept Says” has the same intentions, but doesn’t put the focus on the lyrics and instead the entire band, making it work. “Balance” seemingly takes everything from the previous album and staples it into one package that flat out delivers.

Next we have the title track, which evolves throughout the song and takes you on a journey from the song’s beginning to end. More importantly, it sets the tone for the second half of the album. “Manifest” is a diverse song that is able to seamlessly switch tempo, “Get Alone” has a nice anthem feel to it, which hurts the following “Magnet Pull,” as the two have a similar sound. The album closes with “Pull Back The Reins,” a traditional album closing song for Comeback Kid. Not everyone will like the guitar sound on the track, but it’s a nice possible taste of the future of the band.

The most telling aspect of whether or not an album is good for me is how quickly songs make it into my normal playlist; half of these songs have already made it. Comeback Kid continues to evolve while finding a way to stay true to their roots in a way few bands can. “Symptoms and Cures” seems to get better and better every time I listen to it. For the money, the best album I’ve heard this year.

  • Comeback Kid is a great band. I remember listening to Turn it Around the first time, and both of the albums after that. Can’t wait to hear this one!

    • Jake

      It’s been interesting seeing people’s opinions about it.

      Obviously they’re not the same band as they were with Scott doing vocals compared to Andrew. There’s, you know, the people saying “TEH ORIGINAL SOUND WAS BETTER!” But these same people are liking this album too it seems.

      • I think most people get a strong impression from an original singer that really stays with them as a definition of what a band should sound like. Even if the replacement singer is just as good, it’s still different, and it’s difficult to look past the original impression to realize that while it’s different, it’s still good.

        • Ever

          Not a bad album to throw into the collection. By far not the best album of 2010. I will say this about this album though, that I am happy they returned to a more youthful and hardcore side of their music. I think people shy away from aggression instead of bothering to sound like what they’re interested in playing. This album was a great step in the direction of defining this bands sound, and redefining since Scott left.

          Look into Letlive with their debut on Tragic Hero Records called ‘Fake History.’ The only other real 7″ I am holding my breath for this year is Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘There is a Hell, Believe me I’ve seen it. There is a Heaven, Let’s keep it a Secret.’ I was never a BMTH fan either, but their first single and leaked tracks have been amazing production and will be a great release.

  • rattboi

    I am a huge fan of this band, but I think Broadcasting… was their best album by far. I’m listening to Symptoms + Cures now, and it’s really good. It’s missing some of the speed I like, and I like that Andrew is trying new things with his singing. I’m sure this album will grow on me, and I think it’s already better than anything they did with Scott. This one sounds very very well put together, but the urgency isn’t there like I felt with Broadcasting…

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