Dammit Jim, I am the law!

Dammit Jim, I am the law!

Judge Dredd has been cast. Karl Urban will be the face of the man whose face is not seen in the big screen reboot of 2000 A.D.’s flagship character.

Empire Online reports that Karl Urban, who stared in last year’s hit Star Trek as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy, is confirmed for the part by the film’s producers Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich. Macdonald laid out his thoughts on the past film adaptation of Dredd, as well as what he wants to do with the property.

“The main thing about Dredd is that it’s a fantastic comic that was completely messed up 20 years ago. Our idea is to make a very hard, R-rated, gritty, realistic movie of Dredd in Megacity, so we’ve got to get the tone right. He’s not going to take off his helmet. His bike is going to feel real. He’s going to hit people and it’s going to feel real.”

He’s not going to take off his helmet. Just saying those words makes me feel so much better about everything involving this project. Dredd does not take off his helmet. Dredd does not look like Sylvester Stallone. Dredd does not have Rob Schneider as a sidekick. Dredd is hard R rated and he is the law.

Wait, did he say the first Dredd movie happened 20 years ago? Holy freak daddy, I feel old now. I’m going to just…go over there now. Right over there…feeling old…

  • Oh man… that was 20 years ago? Crap, I’m so old!

    • Kyle

      I share your sentiments. Let us share a weep together for our lost youth.

      • That means, depending on the time of year it came out, I was either 7 or 8. Man, I need to go in a corner with a box of chocolate and cry.

  • JDStops

    This is fantastic news. Dredd and 2000 AD deserve a real R rated movie.

  • jamesc

    (1995) 15 years ago… still damn

  • All I can say is that they better dang well use the original “I am the law!” track from Anthrax in the soundtrack. No John Bush remake. No re-recordings. Just freaking Joey Belladonna wailing his skinny lungs out.


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