Fly GaGa for iPhone & iPod Touch

Fly GaGa for iPhone & iPod Touch

Currently available through the iTunes App Store world-wide (except for Brazil) is Fly GaGa, the latest app from GameKiss. Based in Korea, GameKiss is better known for their MMO games, Valkyrie Sky and GhostX, along with rhythm game, Angry Honey. While relatively unknown in the United States, GameKiss is huge in Asia. Thanks to the success of Angry Honey, GameKiss is ranked at the top of the free category in 7 major Asian countries. Hoping to take the global smart phone market by storm, they are still riding the wave Angry Honey started back in July by releasing Fly GaGa only a month later.

There are two versions of Fly GaGa gamers can choose from: free with ADMOB advertisements thrown in, or Gold which contains no ads and only costs $0.99. The game itself is relatively simple. You have a baby, and you fling it into the sky using a trampoline. As the baby flies through the air, you need to avoid obstacles by tilting the device from side to side, but you can also get power-ups that allow the baby to fly higher. On it’s way down, you can smash the obstacles and enemies, with the exception of the black hole, and by paying attention to the arrow at the bottom of your screen, you must land the baby safely back on the trampoline.

Based on the screenshots alone, this looks like a pretty amusing game. I’ve played some other iPhone games in the past that were like this, but they didn’t include power-ups, enemies, and other things like that to make it a more enjoyable experience. You can even upload your scores to Twitter and Facebook so you can brag to your friends and issue challenges.

For more information on Fly GaGa, check out the official website, and to download the game, check out the iTunes store for the free and Gold versions.

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