Iron Fist Gets Immortalized On Film

Iron Fist Gets Immortalized On Film

No, not Iron Man. That’s Tony Stark. He’s the robot guy. This is the karate guy.

Yes, the karate guy. In case you don’t know about the Immortal Iron Fist…well, first of all, shame on you. Now, to educate you a little, Iron Fist is Danny Rand, a kung-fu fighter created in the 70’s when kung-fu fighting was what everybody was doing. Danny is an orphan (of course) who is raised in the mystical Asian city of K’un-L’un. It is here that he learns to focus his chi into a glowing force of mystical energy around his fists. He is perhaps most famous for being part of Heroes for Hire, a company that offered heroics for pay that he owned with his friend and partner Luke Cage.

So now that you know all that you of course are aware of why you should be excited for this movie. Deadline reports that Marvel Studios has hired Rich Wilkes, the man behind the xXx franchise, to write the script for Iron Fist’s cinematic debut. This, along with Doctor Strange, are the first Marvel movies to be created while under the Disney banner. You may remember a while ago (about ten years ago to be precise) that Ray Park was trying to make an Iron Fist movie at Artisan Pictures with himself starring as the super hero. This, like many comic book movies in development before the big comic book movie boom kicked off, eventually fell through.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for this movie for two big reasons. The first is that Iron Fist is a very different super hero compared to the others out there. He is a martial artist first and foremost. No weapons, no tech, he just kicks ass and he does it with infinite skill. The mix of masterful martial arts and comic book sorcery will at the very least be a feast for the eyes. The second big reason I’m excited is the possibility of a crossover with Power Man himself, Luke Cage. These two are bros. Together they are awesome. And hey, imagine Luke Cage being played by the Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa.

Yes? Yes?


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