Kane & Lynch Trailer Overload

Kane & Lynch Trailer Overload

Do you like action? Do you like guns? Do you like balding men with dirty mouths? Do you like the idea of having a friend experience all these things with you? Then hey, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days has a treat for you!

With its release date of August 17th right around the corner, Eidos has released a few things to get us in the bald-guys-killing-things mood. First up is a new co-op trailer. Its a great mood setter and promises a good deal of ultra violent fun for you and a buddy.

We’ve also been informed about a slew of pre-order bonuses. Now how much is a slew exactly? About four in this instance. And inside each of these four trailers is information about what pre-orders you are being offered as well as where said pre-orders can be picked up.

Finally, we’ve got a neat behind the scenes feature about the making of our dynamic duo’s lasted adventure. The multiplayer team talk about how this is different from your typical shooter. Undercover cop mode sounds like a blast, as well as being something I will most likely be terrible at. Anyway, you don’t want to hear me blabbing about it. Hit up the video below.

  • I seriously just lol’d out loud when I read “Do you like balding men with dirty mouths?”

    • Kyle

      I aim to please 😀

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