Let The Force Be With You Today!

Let The Force Be With You Today!

Put your two thumbs up, smile and say “Who wants to play the Clone Wars Adventures open beta?” Now stop looking silly, go over to your computer and get ready to have an amazing Jedi moment (or Clone Trooper moment, if that’s how you roll!)

Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts are pulling out all the stops with Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures with the launch of the open beta today. With a the options to customise your lightsaber and Starfighter, Clone Wars Adventures allows players to pit rivals against one another as you channel your inner Jedi and come out victorious!

Clone Wars Adventures is going to be a free-to-play game, however it will feature a paid membership option for those players who are just way too in love with the game! For just $5.99, players will be able to purchase a 90-day membership with perks such as unlockable items, extra cash, and SO much more!

And don’t forget … if you like the open beta, be sure to check out the finished product on September 5!

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