Limited Edition Fable Controller!

Limited Edition Fable Controller!

As if the Fable franchise wasn’t awesome enough! Now, all you Fable fans are going to get a special treat just in time for Fable III. Throw away that ugly pink controller and grab hold of some gold!

The gorgeous new controller for Xbox will feature an absolutely beautiful golden base color with detailed one-of-a-kind artwork by none other than Lionhead Studios.

You can catch it in-store shortly after it ships to retailers on October 5, just three weeks before the release of the much anticipated Fable III on October 29. And of course, what kind of limited edition would the controller be if it didn’t come with goodies? The controller will also come in collectible packaging with a code inside for additional downloadable avatar content from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

[Note: Fans who pre-order Fable III can also take advantage of a character creator tool and customize their own villager. A personalized character will allow the player to attempt a side quest and obtain 1000 gold. Enjoy Fable III fans!]

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