Locked And Reloaded

Locked And Reloaded

The countdown can officially begin.  Worms™ Reloaded is less than 24 hours away.  If you preordered, that is…

So back when; and way back when; and way, way back in the day I told you that my birthday was coming up. You forgot, didn’t you? That’s just like you. But God forbid anybody forgets YOUR birthday. No, don’t try and make up for it now. The damage is done. I’m going to my mother’s house for the night.

Well, the nice folks over at Team17 didn’t forget my birthday. The nice folks over at Team17 are treating the entire week like it’s my birthWEEK. They are so much nicer to me than you are. So nice, in fact, that they’ve released what I’m pretty sure is going to be the last trailer for Worms™ Reloaded.

I know I’ve told  you how much fun Worms™ can be as a multiplayer game.  Worms™ Reloaded is going to up the ante by including an expansive single-player game for people like me who’s friends don’t remember their birthdays.


Team17 promises 60+ missions spanning two full campaigns and an endlessly repeatable “Body Count” mode, (which I can only assume is something like Gears Of War‘s Horde Mode).  Replete with achievements and leaderboards, Worms™ Reloaded promises to satiate the loner in us all.  Thank you, Team17.  You’re so thoughtful

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