Missing Lightsaber scene from Return of the Jedi released

Missing Lightsaber scene from Return of the Jedi released

Two days ago George Lucas announced at Celebration V that Star Wars would be coming to Blu-Ray. Even though Lucas is a complete ass, and seems to hate the fans (Jar Jar Binks, not giving us a remastered Original Trilogy, etc), he tried to make everything seem awesome with the addition of…wait for it…additional footage that was left on the cutting room floor.

One deleted scene was an alternate opening to Return of the Jedi. It starts off  showing Darth Vader using the Force to call out to Luke. Shortly after, it cuts to Luke who is assembling his lightsaber, and that would’ve been the first time fans had seen the green glow. Thanks to the internetz, TheForce.Net posted on their YouTube channel the footage recorded from Celebration V, and while it is pretty cool, it would’ve been better had he announced a Blu-Ray Original Trilogy.

You better man up George Lucas, or else an angry mob will be coming for you, and instead of pitchforks and torches, we’ll be coming with lightsabers and flame throwers!

UPDATE – The previous video I had on here was indeed from TheForce.Net’s YouTube channel but that was removed thanks to LucasArts pitching a fit, so instead here is another one so that you can all see the footage.

SECOND UPDATE – Apparently the second video was blocked by LucasArts, but I found another working one so please, enjoy the footage. Resistance is futile, Georgie Boy!


    • I seriously lol’d while watching your video…

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