New BioShock 2 DLC!

New BioShock 2 DLC!

The final installment of the downloadable single player game add-on for BioShock 2 is finally here! 

Minerva’s Den is a self-contained gaming experience which will take players through Rapture Central Computing, a never-before-seen location. You’ll play an all-new character who has teamed up with Brigid Tenenbaum with the goal of uncovering the location’s dark past and hidden secrets.

Enjoy some new high-tech weapons, a new plasmid as well as new and more dangerous enemies! You’ll have to watch out for more dangerous Splicers, Security Bots that try to attack you with lighting bolts and rockets, as well as a new type of Big Daddy!

Minerva’s Den is available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points or on the PlayStation Network for just $9.99.

  • Awesome! I am glad to see the game getting some more content. I think it is neat how much they add too, because they probably could have gotten away with just doing a new map, instead of the Weapons+Character. I am not always a fan of the pay-for-extra-content model, but this seems like they did it right.

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