New Valkyria Chronicles II Trailer Released

New Valkyria Chronicles II Trailer Released

Alternate realities are awesome. Especially alternate WWII type realities with super cool tanks and magical glowing powers.

Sega aims to prove this with PSP exclusive Valkyria Chronicles II, the sequel to the original Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3. Now explaining what this tactical RPG is about might be a little hard, what with all the alternate history and awesome tanks and magic powers and all. So let’s go with what Sega says about it.

The year is 1937, EC. With a civil war driving family against family, Gallia’s hard-fought peace of just two years earlier is now threatened by the rise of a coup détat.

Driven by their hatred for the Darcsen race, a group of nobles have united to form the Gallian Revolutionary Army, demanding that the Archduchess abdicate the throne. Where once Gallians fought together to push back the invading empire, they now fight each other, the fate of the Darcsens – and their own morals – hanging in the balance.

With the Gallian army still stretched thin defending their borders from the outside, new faces from the Lanseal Royal Academy must rise to the call of protecting their own towns and families within Gallia.

As the image of happy life at the academy continues, the cadets will soon learn the realities of war, the hardships of racism, and just how deeply people will fight for their own dreams and beliefs. Along the way, familiar faces from Squad 7 might also make special appearances, offering words of advice or new orders to use on the battlefield.

As the revolution continues, friendships, perception, and lives will change rapidly. But this story is not about one hero taking lead of a ragtag group of cadets and trying to lead them to victory. This story is about the deeper meanings of our own passions and thoughts, the lengths we’ll go to realize them, and most importantly: that war is never black and white.

Now really, doesn’t that sound neat? Do you really need more convincing? How about a nice new trailer?

Valkyria Chronicles II is due out on August 31 for PlayStation Portable.

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