Recommended Listening: Bad Religion

Recommended Listening: Bad Religion

Bad Religion is one of my favorite bands.  I remember seeing them live years ago in large club venue.  While the local opener was on stage, I was sitting at the back of the club, relaxing and waiting for the main acts to appear.  A man came and sat at my table to watch the opener, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed it was Greg Hetson.  That was a good day.

Bad Religion formed in 1979 in southern California, and are considered by many to be responsible for reigniting the punk scene.  They are cited by many bands as a major influence, and are elder statesmen of the genre.  Their music is most easily characterized as intellectual (they’ve got a big vocabulary, and they’re not afraid to use it), harmonious (they love three-part harmonies, or as they call them, the oozin’ aah’s), and politically and socially charged.  Of their fourteen studio albums (with their fifteenth, The Dissent of Man, coming out this September), I would only recommend that you skip No Substance.


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