Recommended Listening: Refused

Recommended Listening: Refused

Hear me now, believe me later: The fucking Swedes know how to fucking rock.  I know, the first thing a person thinks of when they think “Sweden” isn’t necessarily unbelievable hardcore music, but maybe something more along the lines of epic boobs.  Well, Refused is the former, and in Sweden, I’m sure they got lots of the latter.

During their 7 years, Refused released three albums and five EPs.  The only album we are going to mention right now, however, is The Shape of Punk to Come.  This is not because their other albums are not worth mentioning.  They simply pale in comparison.  Hailed by many critics as potentially the greatest hardcore album of all time, The Shape of Punk to Come was listed as Kerrang’s #13 on their Top 50 Most Important Albums of All Time list, and is cited by many rock legends as a masterpiece.

I remember when The Shape of Punk to Come came out, and I remember that I was blown away by it.  Hopefully those of you who have been unaware of it before now will have the same experience.

-[insert GARBLED SCREAMS here]

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