Red Dead Redemption DLC Deets!

Red Dead Redemption DLC Deets!

Yay! Red Dead Redemption is getting some DLC – and I have all the details!

All you hardcore fans may have remembered back in the day when Rockstar claimed they would be releasing free DLC to its users to enhance the Free Roam experience? Well, they lied. To cover their butts (and to keep fans happy), they are releasing Liars & Cheats instead, which will include that “free” Free Roam DLC as well as much, much more! Here is a list of just some of the new features your purchase will get you:

  • Multiplayer Poker and Liars’ Dice Game
  • Multiplayer horse races
  • Explosive rifle (weapon)
  • 7 new gang hideouts
  • 4 new hunting grounds
  • Stronghold (competitive multiplayer game mode)
  • New achievements/trophies
  • 15 storyline characters available as multiplayer characters

In Stronghold, players will take turns attacking and defending in different multiplayer modes. Then track your posse’s scores on the leaderboard.

Grab the Liars & Cheats content on XBL Marketplace or PlayStation Network on September 21.

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