Review: Astro Dodge, Bloody Trampoline, Dream Wife (iOS)

Review: Astro Dodge, Bloody Trampoline, Dream Wife (iOS)

We love iPhones.  We love playing games on our iPhones.  Imagine, then, our pure, unadulterated, unapologetic glee when we received three additional iPhone game codes for review.  If you can’t imagine it, allow me to elucidate: it was spectacular.  Perhaps I exaggerate, but if I do, it is only for the benefit of our intelligent, attractive, loyal readers.  And the rest of you, too.  On to the games!

We’ll tackle these alphabetically, because that makes as much sense as anything else.  First up is a game called Astro Dodge.

Astro Dodge is a very well designed game.  The music is exciting, the graphics are clean, and the gameplay is smooth.  The basic objective is to avoid asteroids and black holes while chasing down and gathering bits of plasma within a limited area, represented by a large red border.  There are various power-ups in the game to help you fend off the asteroids and black holes, but it is, in essence, a very simple game, and that is its strength.  It focuses on one gameplay feature and it does it exceptionally well.  For $1.99, this game is definitely a fun buy.

Next up we have Bloody Trampoline.

The objective in Bloody Trampoline is to move the trampoline across the bottom of your screen, either by using the accelerometer or your finger, to bounce and keep in the air various types of people, while grabbing power-ups and avoiding hazards.  The basic gameplay is not perfect.  The accelerometer moves the trampoline too quickly, and the touch controls are not quite responsive enough.  Graphically, it’s better than most indie games in the App Store, but not exactly something that will blow you away.  For $0.99, it could be a fun diversion, if you can get past the graphics and the controls.

Finally, Dream Wife.

Dream Wife is a soundboard application that puts over 100 humorous sayings at the tip of your finger.  Don’t want to snuggle?  Dream Wife has a sound clip for that: “No, honey, you don’t have to spoon with me after we make love.  I’d rather we watch SportsCenter.”  From that, I’m sure you can get a general idea of the tone of the rest of the Dream Wife’s sayings.  For $0.99, it’s certainly entertaining.  I’m just not sure exactly how long that entertainment will last.

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