Rock Band 3 Setlist Changes!!

Rock Band 3 Setlist Changes!!

Erik graced World of Meh with the (leaked) jaw-dropping Rock Band 3 setlist back on August 19th. It was leaked to the world as a Harmonix employee scrolled through the setlist at a demonstration. As Erik said just one week ago, “it’s entirely possible that some mistakes were made” – and he was right!

I’m not going to repost the entire setlist again, because I’m sure all of you Rock Band fans and loyal World of Meh readers read Erik’s post last week. But, there are a few changes. From the list that was leaked to the world, there are two that are no longer present. Rush will no longer be included in the setlist as well as “Spinning Wheel” by Blood, Sweat and Tears.

In addition to those two bands being removed, there are a few that were added:

  • Doobie Brothers, “China Grove”*
  • J. Geils Band, “Centerfold”
    * Available on Nintendo DS

So, if you live in North America, enjoy the (updated) version of Rock Band 3’s setlist on October 26. You get a 3-day headstart as the rest of the world won’t get the Rock Band 3 experience until October 29. Rock Band 3 is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

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