Samantha Swift 4 Available Now for PC

Samantha Swift 4 Available Now for PC

Today MumboJumbo Games announced that the fourth installment to their popular Samantha Swift series is available for PC gamers. A mixture of brain-puzzles and hidden object gameplay, Samantha Swift is available for download exclusively through for the next 30 days. iPad owners can rejoice in knowing that next month, there will be a version for them too.

In Samantha Swift and the Fountains of Fate, Samantha follows the trail of Cortez but her plans are interrupted by M’Alice. Going on the hunt for M’Alice using her trusty PDA and scanner, Samantha quickly discovers she is actually on a quest to uncover the famed Fountain of Youth.

With six adventure missions, players can also unlock a special Unlimited Hidden Object mode by collecting all of the Swift Birds along the way. Artifacts you collect are added to the Museum of Secrets Lost, and achievements have been introduced. Who doesn’t love achievements?

For only $6.99, Samantha Swift looks like a game all ages can enjoy.

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