Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Fickle Audience

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Fickle Audience

So let me get this straight. People love to bitch about how Hollywood sucks & how everyone is tired of the same old and how nothing original comes out, but when a movie that is dripping with originality is unleashed, what does the public do? They fuckin’ go see Vampires Suck. I hate Twilight but not enough to sit through another shitty spoof movie.

Now here’s what has been in theaters recently: The Expendables,  a film that I’ll admit I actually wanna see, but I will be hard pressed to call it original. It’s the same movie all those actors made in their prime but in 2010. We have Eat Pray Love. It may not be a bad movie actually but again, not gonna call it original. Vampires Suck…..yeah. Lottery Ticket, Kthanxbai.

All these movies that bring nothing new and yet Scott Pilgrim, a unique & mind blowing visual feast, drops to number ten? Did Edgar Wright not make you happy with Spaced? Shaun Of The Dead? Hot Fuzz? Now I’ll admit I was getting tired of Michael Cera’s shtick but this movie is not Juno’s Infinite Superbad Playlist. Michael actually grows a pair in this film. People are just not giving him a chance.It saddens me that this brilliant film based on the equally brilliant graphic novels is getting so little love. I want everyone who didn’t see it in theaters & chose to see anything else to hang their head in shame. You cocky cocks must pay for your crimes against humanity.So by next weekend I’m sure the film will fall off the top ten. Really sad. Give Scott a proper burial. I encourage everyone to go see it this week. I’m gonna try and see it a THIRD time (and I’m not the type to see a movie more than once in theaters). If you don’t, well,enjoy Vampires Suck you cold hearted person with no soul. I’m taking away your video games and Edgar Wright movies. You don’t deserve them.

  • Kyle

    Boo stupid people! Yay Scott Pilgrim!

    Though, to be fair, this really was a movie made for us. It was made for people that got that the opening music was the opening theme of A Link to the Past. It was made for people who understand that every band in the movie is a reference to a video game. And apparently, our little group of friends isn’t enough to propel this movie to the heights it so richly deserves to attain.

    Then again, Blade Runner bombed out too. Is anyone willing to bet against this gaining cult status in the next few years?

  • D3stiny_Sm4sher

    A damn shame, man. A damn fine shame.

    I think this will get cult status through word of mouth and probably do well on DVD later on down the road. We can only hope.

    Firefly kind of bombed as a show but when it hit DVD? BAM.

  • Procrastigirl

    What are all those stupid peopel thinking? I imagine it’s all those people who went to see the Twilight movies that are filling the seats of Vampires Suck though, and who wants to sit next to them anyway?

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