Sick of Seeing Numbers

Sick of Seeing Numbers

They’re everywhere. Resident Evil 5, Saw 7, and Shock Value 2. When is enough, enough? When will the entertainment industry stop recycling the same things over and over again? As customers, we deserve better.

It seems like every time you turn around there is another sequel coming out and I for one am getting sick of seeing the same old thing time and time again. It wouldn’t matter so much if the sequels were actually getting better but they aren’t. I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve wasted time and money on a sequel only to find out it was horrid within five minutes of playing, listening, or watching. So why I do I keep buying them? Because they’re my favorite series and I have hope that they will be fun and entertaining, but they never are. I always regret my purchases and feel stupid for falling for the same crap again.

I can remember when I heard Timbaland had announced Shock Value 2. I was exited for the album because I enjoyed the first one so much. It had many catchy songs and also several deep ones. Some songs were done in a way I’ve never heard before and it made the album more appealing. Timbaland had even worked with artists I’d never heard of, and I ended up buying their albums just because I loved their sound so much. About this time last year a fake track list for SV2 was posted online and sadly, I think I was more excited over the fake list than the real one. When Shock Value 2 came out, I bought it and have regretted it to this day. The feel and energy of the first was gone. Instead, I was treated to recycled beats and over hyped celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. Honestly, I only like three songs on the entire album. This shows how the entertainment business works. The first CD was such a success that they figured a second would be just as successful. So, they threw something together and released it. It hasn’t done as well as the first and I know that I won’t be buying Shock Value 3 when it’s released.

It isn’t just the music industry though. This also applies to video games and movies. Think about it. How often have you gone to see the sequel to your favorite movie and ended up leaving in a rage or feeling disappointed? How often do you spend fifty or sixty dollars of your hard earned money only to find out the sequel to your favorite game isn’t even worth five?

Don’t get me wrong though. Not all sequels are terrible. Some have lived up to the first or previous game, some even exceed expectations. Take Resident Evil 4 for example. It is honestly one of the best Resident Evil games I’ve ever played. It kept me entertained and challenged the entire time. Kingdom Hearts 2 was good too. It added more features and a bigger, more dynamic story that kept you interested the entire time. This is what all sequels should be like. As good as the first or better. Never worse.

The biggest problem is money. Companies make games, movies, and music that they think will be commercially successful. If a video game does well and makes the company five times what they spent to make it, it’s no surprise that they would want to turn it into a franchise. You can’t blame them, they’re there to make money.

The issue is that fans will gladly hand over their money just because they like the franchise or loved the first game so much that they don’t care how terrible the sequel is as long as they get to keep playing as that character. This is what needs to change, if you stop spending your money on terrible sequels, the companies won’t have any choice except to start making something of quality that you’d enjoy playing, watching, or listening to. You’d see higher quality entertainment and hopefully some new, better ideas. We have the power to change it all. Playing a new Sonic the Hedgehog game? If you took Sonic out of the game and inserted a generic character, would you still want to play it? Try that approach to all of your entertainments and decide whether they’re worth your money or not and we can change these industries for the better.

  • Kyle

    Unfortunately, this weekend’s box office shows exactly why the entertainment industry prefers to go with a known thing. The Expendables, a movie built on, “Hey, you know those guys you like? All of them are in this doing that thing you like them doing!” made a killing at the box office. Scott Pilgrim, a quirky nerd centered movie that tried to be new and daring, got killed. Hell, the absolutely terrible Last Airbender movie is going to end up making more money overall than Scott Pilgrim will. Again, a known series. This is also why a lot of games fall under the, “Its like God of War but…” category. Or, “Its like Grand Theft Auto but…” Even when its original its still copying something successful. Yet when a game does something new, like Brutal Legend, it doesn’t find an audience.

    Unfortunately, I don’t know how to fix this phenomenon. I guess we just have to shrug our shoulders and support this little guys swimming upstream against the larger franchises. That’s why I’m bringing six people to see Scott Pilgrim on Thursday. That’s all we can do. Just show the love.

    • Brennan

      I completely agree with you. Maybe that’s what we need to do, shove everyone we know in the right direction and hope they do the same to everyone else they know.

      • Kyle

        You would not believe how much I have pimped out the works of Tim Schafer. If only Psychonauts would get the chance to become an over saturated franchise. I could die a happy man in that instance.

  • While some sequels are good (Mortal Kombat II for example), some are downright terrible – Final Fantasy X2. Is it mostly related to greed? You bet it is. Is it good for the consumer? No. Not only are we wasting our time and money, but we also start to lose trust and faith in the company, so in a sense, they are just screwing themselves over in the long run.

    Take the Mortal Kombat franchise. It had some solid games in the beginning, but then it started to get too much. We had MK Mythologies, which was awful, but then we had gems later on like Deception, and the (IMO) fun Shaolin Monks. Sure the tides turned again when MK vs DC was released, but hopefully with the new MK that is in the works, Ed Boon & Co. can change all of that around.

    To constantly release the same game over and over, or to keep throwing sequels at a persons face, it over saturates the market and eventually the public becomes sick of it.

  • Austin Alan

    I stopped buying most games 10 years ago. I havent seen anything new in some time, and I just lost interest in the industry. it’s either poor sequels or games that last far longer than they should. I am all for big games, but 200+ hour RPG’s….that is a bit ridiculous IMO

    Movies and games are hardly worth the venture out to acquire the experience

    I would love to see a game with alot of time put into it, really pushing the system to the limit. not some 9 month development garbage

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