Review: Soul Master

Review: Soul Master

On August 12, Soul Master went live with its open beta and it is amazing! It’s an MMORTS that stays true to its genre and actually delivers what gamers have expected from the genre for so long.

NPluto and Games Campus handle this game so well, that it really is hard to believe it’s free. Seriously, it looks like a modern Wii game that most people would pay thirty bucks for. That being said, it is an MMORTS. I know, sounds scary since all the other games we’ve seen before are terrible. I can assure you, Soul Master is different. It handles both MMO and RTS game types so well that they blend together to create an all new gaming experience.

Think of it as World of Warcraft except you control an army of minions. What I mean by that is, standard MMO fighting with RTS added on. Think that sounds simple? Think would make the game easier? Wrong! The combat is deep and involving, it may even require planning and strategy at times. The game even has features that make planning easier! You can record your battles to see where you went wrong so that you can make a new strategy based on your previous mistakes and defeats.

Like most MMOs, the game is very customizable. Characters, weapons, and troops that your character can control are all customizable. The game also has a very deep upgrade system for weapons and characters which can help you develop your own unique strategies to lead you and your army to victory.

Like most RTS games, it has troops that you can give orders to. You can fight bosses while your troops back you up. You hacking away with a sword on one side while your troops shoot at it from the other side. Having the troops also has defensive advantages. You can build towers, barricades, and resource producers all while you are fighting an enemy a few feet away.

If you’re worried about following a story, don’t! You can enter into the PvP mode and duke it out with all the other players.

This game has so much to offer, and it’s FREE! You have nothing to lose, so check it out here: Soul Master

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