Special Editions for Crysis 2!

Special Editions for Crysis 2!

I was overjoyed when I heard about Crysis 2. Now … well, words can’t even explain how excited I am. *happy dance* Let me stop jumping around like a maniac so I can sit and tell you all about the goodies!

Crysis 2, just like every other highly anticipated game, will be featuring a Limited Edition and a Nano Edition equipped with downloadable content and awesome merchandise.

The Limited Edition will be available at no additional cost – that’s right – NO ADDITIONAL COST!! (This is where my happy dance started!) It will come with a special attachment for your SCAR that projects a pretty little hologram to confuse your enemies as well as a camouflage skin for your SCAR (so both you and your weapon can hide!) On top of those perks, owners of the Limited Edition will gain Double XP and will be able to start their multiplayer journey off ahead of others as they are given a Platinum Dog Tag, which is just one of about 250 collectible dog tags.

Now for the big guns! The Crysis 2 Nano Edition is going to be very rare as it will only be available with a pre-order, and only while supplies last (and according to EA and Crytek, that is “extremely limited”). The Nano Edition will feature everything in the Limited Edition housed in a gorgeous steel case in addition to a book of game art and a statue of “Prophet” (for those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, Prophet is the game’s main character and hero). Prophet will sit atop a NYC cab. And of course, all of these wonderful items will come in a Nanosuit-like backpack.

Enjoy your Crysis 2 Nano Edition for only £119.99 (that’s about $154.99 for us North American folk!)

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