You Can Star in YooStar2, Too!

You Can Star in YooStar2, Too!

Have you ever wished you were famous like Angelina Jolie? Perhaps you’ve sat there and watched iconic movie moments and wondered what it felt like to be there? Well, experiencing a few of your favorite movie moments may be possible!

Yoostar Entertainment announced the upcoming release of YooStar2 for PlayStation Move and Xbox’s Kinect. The game will allow you dive into some of the most famous movie scenes you can think of. You can then record your performances and share them with the world via social networking sites, Yoostar or view them from devices such as smartphones, consoles or your computer.

For all the true competitors out there, Yoostar will also feature a scoring system. You can gradually become more ‘famous’ (and thus, brag more) as you go from a struggling actor living out of your car to that superstar we see walking the red carpets!

Yoostar will feature movie scenes from such famous studios as Paramount, MGM, Universal, Lions Gate, Warner Bros. and many, many more! And if your favorite scene is not amongst the 60 preloaded with the game, you can unlock others or purchase them through the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Marketplace.

The release date is unknown, so get on your acting skills and check out Yoostar2 for more information!

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