A New Age for Politics

A New Age for Politics

Generally, we here at World of Meh! refrain from bringing personal political beliefs to our pages.  We refrain from associating ourselves with political parties or candidates.  We as a group attempt to maintain a sense of neutrality.  Tonight, however, that neutrality must be broken.  It is with absolute conviction that I throw my full support behind Republican candidate Phil Davidson for the position of Stark County Treasurer.

I personally refrain from partisan politics.  I feel that the two-party system is broken, and that it causes a great deal of discord among the people of these great United States.  I am not supporting Phil Davidson because he is a Republican.  I am supporting Phil Davidson because I truly believe that he will usher in a new age for politics.  Never before have I seen a political candidate more effective at communicating with his or her voter base, and never before have I seen a political candidate so sincere in his or her beliefs and ideals.

Please watch Phil Davidson’s campaign speech to the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Ohio and join me in believing that this man can change the face of American politics.

Phil Davidson for President in 2012!  Make it happen!


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  • Austin Alan

    This guy is awesome, I love how he is almost crying and his voice keeps cracking!

    I call that devotion

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