Arkham City Screens Are Drivin’ Me Crazy

Arkham City Screens Are Drivin’ Me Crazy

Who could imagine that a city full of homicidal maniacs dressed up like clowns and men with half their faces burned off could look this good?Batman: Arkham City is due out in the fall of next year. That is simply unacceptable. I need to play this game now. I need to stalk the night and brood from rooftops as I watch the city I swore to protect go mad and tear itself apart. These are things I yearn to do. But unfortunately, time travel is not within Batman’s power to do, bar Return of Bruce Wayne, so I’m stuck with waiting. But you know what makes the wait a little easier? No, not alcohol. Screen shots! Twenty of them to be precise. And they’re all below, giving us a first look at Two-Face and Catwoman, as well as a look at Harley Quinn’s new outfit.

  • Erik

    Jesus. I’ve GOT to play Arkham Asylum NOW.

  • Procrastigirl

    It looks pretty awesome, I definitely want to play. However, is it me or does everything look great except for Batman himself?

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