Austin: An Introduction

Austin: An Introduction

Hey, I’m Austin, I hail from Nebraska.  I’m not really good with introductions, so how about I just tell you what I intend to do here.  😀

I do a lot of things, so I have a range of topics I will be posting about. (don’t worry, I promise you will enjoy them)

I am avidly reading about new achievements in science and birthing technologies. I LOVE outer space and watching humans advance as our understanding of the universe grows. So I will bring light to some of the more interesting things I read.

I am constantly listening to music.  When I find a perfect song, I can’t help but share it with others.  If you like music, we are going to get along fine.  If you don’t….what’s the matter with you? Can’t dance??

I am a big PC gamer, and I am even bigger on old school gaming.  I play RPG’s, FPS’s, and Adventure titles. I mostly use Steam as my PC game source, so I will post reviews and thoughts of upcoming games, and those that need a comment(I have an ever expanding list of titles, so I will have LOTS to talk about ^_^)  If you want to friend me on Steam, feel free.

When good sales hit, and I am in a giving mood, people get random gifts.

I also use an Android based smart phone, so I will be talking about Apps and Games that I think deserve more attention.  The Android App Market is such a mess, so let me help you find worthy software, and warn you of some really bogus junk.

When I am not gaming or reading online, I am usually throwing my Yo-Yo.  YES, I did indeed say YOYO(as in up-down-up-down).  I am nowhere near great, but I do like to discuss things in this category, so why not? b^.^d  I will likely do reviews of the Yo-Yo’s I purchase myself, as well as other products related to the sport.  I promise, you didn’t ever know they were so interesting.  This is another area where I like to give people gifts!  Yo-Yo’s are a great skill toy to keep in your pocket.  Good for exercise, and to unwind your mind.

I don’t really know what else to tell you, so I suppose I shall leave it at that!
*I hate listening to people ramble on and on about themselves*

  • Sammi

    Well hello Austin! I’m Sammi haha … I’m from Canada. 😀 I’m an X-bot and PS3 underground lover 😉 haha … I post about all kinds of things! I go a little crazy sometime and post about things that make people go “WTF!?” and I’m kinda silly haha buuuuut it’s great to see another contributor here who has a good PC for PC games 😀 Can’t wait to see some of your work! 😀

    • Austin Alan

      We should do a PC showdown sometime ^_^

      mine isnt the greatest, but who has money to get a full 7.9??

      though, at the end of this month I should be getting my 8GB RAM upgrade(going form DDR2 667 to 1100) WHOOT!

      I have read many of your articles, you are awesome for WoM ^_^

      thanks for the hello 😀

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