Bioshock Infinite’s Crazy Mustache Robots Freak Me Out

Bioshock Infinite’s Crazy Mustache Robots Freak Me Out

Three new screens prove why I hate the early 1900s and the robots produced therein.The new issue of Game Informer has just come out and they have a bunch of info on the new Bioshock game. They also have three new screen shots to show us this new direction in the Bioshock franchise. Now we have two normal screen shots here. These show things happening in the city, newspapers being sold, a rally being held, normal kind of stuff.

And then we have this…thing. This giant robot. This replacement for the Big Daddy. I call him Mr. Clanks. I also call him My Worst Nightmare.

Look at that thing. Its some sort of abominable cross between Uncle Sam, a robot and the world’s angriest mustache. Just look at the size alone. It towers over a normal human. It might be even bigger than the Big Daddies. Those bastards had big in their name! And look at his eyes. Those are the eyes of someone who has absolutely no pity or remorse. That mustache has been stained with the blood of the innocent. He will eat your soul. He will enjoy it. You will die and he will simply groom his mustache and wait for his next victim.

Eat your soul man.


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