Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut Comes To Steam

Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut Comes To Steam

The point and click classic can now be downloaded in its entirety for your adventuring pleasure.Now I’ve got a soft spot for the ol’ point and click genre. My first PC game ever was The 7th Guest, one of the oldest of the point and clickers. So it is with some bit of joy that I say that Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars can be snagged from Steam in its Director’s Cut variety. Revolution Software says that you can now get it from all major download sites. And just so all you non-Steam users don’t feel left out, there are Mac and retail versions available as well.

Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars-The Director’s Cut, besides being quite the long name, is a new version of the classic 1996 adventure with a new storyline woven into the original murder mystery surrounding the death of a Parisian statesman. Enhanced graphics, a context sensitive help system (always a blessing in a point and click game), new puzzles and even new artwork done by Dave Gibbons, the artist for Watchmen. Now what’s not to love out of that?

“We’re absolutely thrilled to see The Director’s Cut on the formats which made the original such a smash,” says Charles Cecil, managing director of Revolution Software. “The additions and enhancements make this feel as fresh as ever – I am confident that the Director’s Cut will prove to be every bit as popular today as its predecessor was previously.”

Check out the screens below to see the shiny new coat of paint that Broken Sword has gotten.

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