Castle Crashers Hits PSN

Castle Crashers Hits PSN

You can now catch the truly fun side-scrolling Castle Crashers on the PlayStation Network. On top of that already great news, there’s new content – which should make any fan smile!

If you’re new to Castle Crashers, let me explain what this exciting 2D game is all about – you pretty much just beat enemies up. Although, Castle Crashers does have some RPG elements while you hack and slash your way to the end.

For those of you who are already familiar with the game, you should be very excited to hear that it will feature an “Insane Mode” once you beat the game on regular difficulty. Of course, you’ll also have the Insane Store to help you get through the truly insane Insane Mode.

If that isn’t enough, there’s also Arena mode where up to four players can battle it out in teams or have a free-for-all. And if that STILL isn’t enough, you can kick with your other medieval boys for a game of volleyball!

Catch it all on the PlayStation Network for just $14.99.

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