Cry for the Moon with Japanese X-Men

Cry for the Moon with Japanese X-Men

About an hour ago I tweeted about a video so hilarious, it made me cry. Because I love you all so much, I feel that I should share this video.

As a huge fan of almost all things X-Men, and as a person who cracked out on the old cartoon that aired every Saturday morning on FOX back in the 90’s, I can’t even properly describe the video you are all about to watch. Instead, I’d love to read your thoughts in a comment below, because I’m sure they will be more amusing than anything I could come up with at this moment.

I give to you all, the intro to the Japanese X-Men Cartoon:


  • I don’t recall Beast being able to punch the ground and cause immediate localized tectonic plate shifts.

    Just saying.

  • JamesC

    So I’m lost, is this just an alternate intro they tagged on the old 90’s cartoon show or a completely different X-Men show for Japan?

    • From what I’ve been able to find, it’s just a different intro that was used for the Japanese version. It’s so strange though and the song makes me laugh like crazy.

  • ahmed

    You guys should check out the second opening. Yes, there’s another one.

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