Deadly Premonition: Ready for a New Audience

Deadly Premonition: Ready for a New Audience

Even though Deadly Premonition was released in America on February 23, it’s release date in the UK is slowly creeping up on us.

If you haven’t heard or played this game yet, it’s a Resident Evil like game with a touch of the Sims. You play as an FBI Agent named Francis York who is investigating the murder of a young girl. While investigating, you encounter many enemies including the villain behind the murders, a scary man in a blood drenched trench coat.

The game’s presentation feels extremely like Resident Evil, having to stop moving to aim so you can shoot your weapon, very creepy mood setting music, and is even complete with a camera over the shoulder view. The game takes on Sims characteristics throughout the entire game. You have to remember to take care of Agent York, feeding him, cleaning him up, letting him sleep, and even shaving. Everything is connected to his outward appearance and influences the way other characters in the game interact with him. It sounds cool but it can be annoying at time. There’s already enough to do without having to worry about York’s physical state.

There have been many opinions and reviews written since the games initial North American release. It’s gotten high scores of 10 / 10 to an awful score of 2 / 10, courtesy of IGN. It seems that the game only appeals to a specific audience. If you’re the type of gamer that enjoys creepy games like this, you might find this title to be one of the best horror games you’ve ever played. If not, just move on to the next one.

The game comes out October 29 for £24.99 on the Xbox 360. Let’s see what the UK audience thinks.

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