Devil May Cry Reboot Coming

Devil May Cry Reboot Coming

Huh. File this one under “Didn’t see that coming.” Dante is going back to basics in franchise reboot DMC.

Well, we did see it coming in the sense that we knew Ninja Theory, the team responsible for Heavenly Sword, was developing the new Devil May Cry game. That rumor came about earlier this year. But its kind of odd to find out that it’s a reboot. Dante has been redesigned from a hipster looking dude with white hair who doesn’t wear a shirt to…a hipster looking dude with black hair who doesn’t wear a shirt. It may seem like a small change, but from what I’ve seen the Internet isn’t happy with it. But then again, when is the Internet happy with change?

“We’re hoping to make a game that even Capcom can be proud of,” Ninja Theory director Tameem Antoniades said when the game was announced. Good deal Tameem. I like the cut of your jib. Let’s hope the gameplay matches up with your sentiments. And speaking of gameplay, I’d like to talk about gameplay, but all Capcom has shown us is a trailer with no gameplay. So hey, if you like bullshots, this should make you all sorts of tingly happy. It at least looks neat in cinema form. Let’s hope we get to see what this looks like in an interactive form very soon.

  • Well this certainly pisses me off…

    I know for some people the change in hair color is insignificant, but if you are a fan of the series, it’s actually a major change. They completely destroyed what Dante is all about. The original characterization of him was perfect. He had that badaass hair, his face fit the attitude of his character, he had a good physique, outfit, etc.

    Now it looks as if they took that actor DJ Qualls (Google if you don’t know who he is), made him dye his hair black, put him in some strange Saw/Crow type movie, and said “here you go! Devil May Cry reboot!”

    For shame Capcom & Ninja Theory… for shame.

    • Kyle

      Its not so much the, “I don’t like how this new one looks” arguments that annoy me. Personal opinion and all. But I’ve seen people going, “This new Dante looks ridiculous! He looks like a poser emo hipster!”

      Really? Really Internet? And this:

      This does not look like an emo hipster? He isn’t wearing a shirt. He has a long red trenchcoat. He has just a big leather strap on his chest. He even has the damn emo haircut! Its just falling limply over his eyes!

      Internet, look. If you’re going to make an argument, at least make one that doesn’t make blood shoot from every orifice in my body as I express my rage. All they did is replace one goofy looking over designed character with another goofy looking over designed character. If you don’t like the new one, fine. Like I said, personal choice. But at least realize that the original wasn’t frickin’ high art.

      Now really, we should be wondering if the attitude of Dante will stay the same. That’s what will upset me. I want the guy that got stabbed through the chest and pinned to the ground and just pulled himself off the damn sword and then made a funny quip. I don’t care how Dante looks. Just tell me if he’s still a badass.

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