Finally, Crackdown 2 DLC

Finally, Crackdown 2 DLC

I love downloadable content. I know some people just see it as companies releasing their game “unfinished” and are just trying to make more money, but honestly, it’s the downloadable content that keeps me playing a game long after I’ve beaten it. So, let’s take a look at Crackdown 2’s first DLC.

It’s called Toy Box, and it is rightly named! There is a lot of stuff coming at you  – and some of it is FREE!

For free, Toy Box will include:

  • The notorious cheat mode from Crackdown 1, “Keys to the City” will be made available again, this time with God Mode, Infinite Ammo, weapon spawning, ability to freeze the time of day, and much more.
  • Thruster Ability will be made available to all players who reach level 6 on all Agent skills. Thruster Ability is exactly what it sounds like – a thruster which will propel you higher into the air!
  • Vehicle Tag is a new multiplayer mode which, again, is exactly as it sounds.

For just 560 Microsoft Points, you’ll get all of the above, in addition to:

  •  Two new vehicles – a tank and a helicopter. The helicopter allows up to four people to jump inside, each with different positions – maning the proximity mine launcher, precision rocket launcher, twin machine guns and nose machine gun.
  • Five new “toys”: the ability to create your own launch pad, a gravity bending weapon, bouncing grenade, thrusters, and the ability to have mag grenades stick to characters.
  • You will also get two new Avatar awards that will allow you to dress your character in a green Xbox suit and helmet.
  • Customise your character even further with 8 new suit colors, as well!
  • To top it all off, there will be 10 more achievements totalling 250 gamescore!

Catch it all on the Xbox Live Marketplace now!

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