Flight Doodle for iPad + Easter Egg MiniGames!

Flight Doodle for iPad + Easter Egg MiniGames!

If you often read what I write, the names “EyeDip” and “Flight Doodle” shouldn’t be new to you! Well, now we have some more news for you!

Flight Doodle was the highly addicting, seemingly pointless, iPhone and iPad game in which players simply tried to fly as high as possible, all while avoiding obstacles. Well, now there’s more!

Two weeks ago I told you about the Easter Egg game, “All Out” which was activated by rotating the iPhone while viewing the main menu. Well, now there are two new Easter Egg games available for iPad. Activated in the same manner, iPad user will be able to play “Battlecraft” and “Survival”.

Battlecraft will have players control their hot air balloons, this time armed with weapons, with the goal of taking out other balloons.

Survival, well … it’s just that – a fight to survive. Just play and collect as many power-ups as possible to survive as long as possible!

To celebrate the new additions, Flight Doodle HD for iPad has dropped $2, down to $0.99 along with the Flight Doodle iPhone game. In addition to that, you can play the Lite version for free.

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