Free Realms Expands!

Free Realms Expands!

What is better than a free-to-play MMO? well, that would be a world-wide available free-to-play MMO!

Having launched April 28, 2009 and hitting 3 millions users in just under 7 weeks is quite an accomplishment. Now at 14 million registered users, Free Realms is keeping true to their worldwide expansion and is now available in 6 languages, now including Portuguese.

Free Realms is a free-to-play and family-friendly MMO by Sony Online Entertainment that allows players to complete an array of quests from ninja fighting to demo dermy and even raising pets!

Although free-to-play, Free Realms does have a low-cosy Membership option for those “hardcore” gamers.

To play Free Realms, check out their official website.

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