George Takei is coming to Big Bang Theory!

George Takei is coming to Big Bang Theory!

I love The Big Bang Theory. Chris loves The Big Bang Theory. We watch it religiously every week when new episodes are on, and can’t wait for its return on its new Thursday time slot starting on September 23rd at 8:00. So far we’ve had Evil Wil Wheaton, the amazing Stan Lee, and others, but nothing could prepare us for the gloriousness of George Takei.

Takei, known for his role on Star Trek as Sulu, is an icon to the Trek community, and in the gay community where he is out and proud. I admit, I’m not a huge Star Trek fan, but I’m a huge George Takei fan so this news delights me to no end.

With talks of Steve Wozniak coming on, along with Mayim Bialik (Blossom) and Wil Wheaton returning, this is shaping up to be a pretty intense season. While the details of Takei’s role aren’t concrete, rumors are swirling right now that he will also guest star in the episode along with Katee Sackhoff (Cylon anyone?). The two will appear as figments of Howard’s imagination as he considers if he should or shouldn’t get back together with Bernadette. The episode is expected to air on October 14th, and it can’t come here soon enough!

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