Going to PAX? Check out what Capcom will have on display!

Going to PAX? Check out what Capcom will have on display!

The Penny Arcade Expo, PAX, is less than two days away, so brace yourselves for an onslaught of gaming news and goodness this weekend. Today Capcom sent out an email letting the press know the games that they would be showing, so that people could have hands-on time with them. This list goes like this:


Sure some of these games were at San Diego Comic-Con, and at gamescom, but there are plenty of people out there who weren’t able to attend either. So if you happen to be attending the event on either day (September 3rd-5th) be sure to swing on by the Capcom booth, number 652, and play a few games. Take some pics for us too!

  • Joey Zambrano

    Man .. i wanna get my hands on some Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Dead Rising 2 … jealousy ensues.

    • I know, right? So not fair!

  • Kyle

    Oh I am gonna be all over the Mega Man Universe news. That’s the game series that made me love gaming.

    And you know what would make me really want Dead Rising 2? Confirmation that the friendly AI is improved. It was really sad that the zombies showed better strategies than the survivors I had to rescue. At about the 20th time when a person I was trying to rescue ran headlong into a crowd of zombies and got confused as to why that plan didn’t work out that well, that’s when I gave up on the first game. Also, let’s put a killer truck of death in the middle of the zombie infested area that you have to get through to save most of the survivors. Oh yes, that sounds like fun.

    I wanted to like Dead Rising, but actually playing the game was a pain in the ass. It was fun to nuts around and kill zombies, but when its just not fun to play the actual game, I think I have to call that a failure.

    Also, Otis. Whoever thought Otis was a good idea should be banned from making games forever.

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