Just So You Know, Claptrap Is Coming To Kill You Today

Just So You Know, Claptrap Is Coming To Kill You Today

In Borderlands, that is. Not in the real world. No, never in the real world…

We’ve talked about it before. Today we talk no more. Today we have Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, yet another add on for the first person shooter/loot gathering RPG thing Borderlands. You can grab this bad boy for ten bucks on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Now you may ask, what do we get for our hard earned money? Well, we’re going to be getting a whole lot of angry Claptraps going after us in a storyline that focuses on an army of malfunctioning, maladjusted Claptrap robots. This is good news for anyone that played five minutes of Borderlands, as you will instantly be filled with a desire to shoot the Claptraps. You also get 20 new missions, 10 new skill points and three new backpack slots for slotting things into your backpack. All this for about ten dollars!

So, to recap. Claptraps. Evil. Guns. Loot. Missions. Skill points. Backpack slots. Ten dollars. Buy it now? You bet your sweet ass you should!

  • The only DLC we’ve completed so far is Dr. Ned. We still have to get through the other two before picking this one up, but I can’t wait until we do!

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