More Horror to Go Around

More Horror to Go Around

Sega of America has revealed their new horror game, Rise of Nightmares. It’s twisted, fun, and a little like Resident Evil.

Sega has been introducing all kinds of new and innovative takes on the games we have been slowly getting used to. They’ve revolutionized war with Vanquish and it only seems fair that their next venture would be into the world of terror and suspense.

On September 15, Sega introduced us to their new horror game Rise of Nightmares. The game boasts it’s innovative new take on spine-tingling horror using the Kinect controls. You’ll have to use your entire body to control the game in a way that is sure to freak you out like never before.

The game does look incredibly creepy, the trailer even ends with “I knew I’d … die here,”.

The game won’t be released until 2011 but I’m sure your 360 can keep you company until then.

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