Move Over, Kinect! PlayStation Is Here!

Move Over, Kinect! PlayStation Is Here!

Today, I got the opportunity to kick back and fool around with the recently released PlayStation Move. So, let’s see what my expert opinion is …

If you’re not really sure what PlayStation Move is, you must have been living under a rock. But, for all you n00bs, I will explain! PlayStation Move is a motion controller for use in combination with the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Eye and a navigation controller. The motion controller has a glowing sphere on the top, which the PlayStation Eye catches on camera to determine your position. You then move either one or both of your hands (depending on the game) to complete the goal at hand.

Now, I said you’re a noob if you don’t know what PlayStation Move is, but honestly – so am I! I am an Xbot through and through, so I came across a few issues during my first attempt! My first obstacle was pairing the PlayStation move controllers to the PlayStation 3. I know, I’m lame. (For those of you who don’t know, you need to connect the controller to the console via the USB cord, then press the PS button.)

Once I passed that little obstacle, I popped in Sports Champions, which features 6 sports: disc golf, beach volleyball, archery, bocce, gladiator duel and table tennis. So, let’s see what I thought about each of them:

First, I played Gladiator Duel. I thought this game type was a very easy starting point. It reminded me of Soul Calibur, only I had to swing my arms instead of button mashing. The best part of starting my PlayStation Move journey with the Gladiator Duel – I got to release some frustration and stress without worrying about hurting someone. The downfall to it, is that it’s so addicting that after a while, my arms and muscles were beginning to ache.

Next, I attempted Archery. This was a bit more difficult to get the hang of, especially if you’ve never actually shot a bow and arrow before. Out of all the game types, this game’s difficulty definitely progressed at a faster rate. I played this game with two motion controllers, and I am right handed, but I will share a tip to help you out: keep your left hand with the sphere facing the floor, then bring the right sphere to the left sphere, and while holding them, raise them horizontal to the floor. Then, press and hold the trigger and, while keeping your left arm steady, pull your right arm to about your ear. Then release the trigger. Takes a little bit of practice, but you’ll get it!

Next, was the dreaded beach volleyball. I hate volleyball. With a passion. And volleyball on the PS Move is no different! I felt it was difficult to calibrate, the ball was slow paced, I didn’t feel challenged and there really wasn’t much to it – the ball glows green, so you bump the volleyball. I was not impressed. That being said, I will admit that it takes some timing and you do get moving around a lot more.

Table tennis was the next game, which I played with a partner. This game was very easy to master, and extremely fun. However, it does require very good timing, precise wrist movement and quickly reacts to the speed of your movement.

I also played disc golf. You literally just have an object that you need to get your Frisbee to. You have pars just like in golf. This game was by far the most boring, with very little difficulty, however it does react very well to your wrist movement.

Now, for my favorite! Bocce! I was all over this game. It feels as life-like as a video game can get. The controller is very sensitive to the speed and direction of your movement. It’s also very addicting, because you have to keep trying to outdo not just your opponent, but yourself as well! If you get frustrated easily, this may not be the game for you!

Overall, PlayStation Move blew me away! I have played Wii, which I thought was too sensitive and difficult to maneuver, but PS Move was quite the opposite. Menu navigation was easy and not too sensitive at all, then the motion controller reacted faster in fast-paced games. I’m definitely going to suggest this to friends!

I borrowed PlayStation Move and only started playing around with it for the sole purpose of this review, however, I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted! If you want to take that chance, pick up the $99.99 bundle which includes the PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move motion controller, Sport Champions game and bonus demo disc. Then, you can expand your accessories shelf with the navigation controller for $29.99 and an extra motion controller for $49.99.

  • Austin

    I will say, Move looks better than Kinect

  • Kyle

    Damn you Gladiator Fighting! Why must it be so addicting to brutally stab several ethnic stereotypes!

    Honestly, the only real difference between this and the Wii is that it has games I want to play. Wii has Red Steel. Move has Killzone. Easy win there PS3. Wii has Dead Space: Extraction. Move has, oh wouldn’t you know it, Dead Space: Extraction. Its a bonus on Dead Space II. Speaking of ports, hi there No More Heroes. What’s that? You’re in HD now too? Oh, well then, don’t mind if I do. And I’ve heard rumors that Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles might get ported to Wii. I’d say that Epic Mickey is the only game I’m interested in for the Wii now, but I might hold off on a purchase for that and wait to see if the PS3 becomes interested in Mickey’s new adventure.

    As for Kinect…meh. It just hasn’t really grabbed me yet. Like I said, show me some games where I’m not playing with Skittles. Then we’ll talk.

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