NBA Jam Coming to 360 and PS3

NBA Jam Coming to 360 and PS3

Earlier this year it was announced that the sports classic NBA Jam would be given new life on the Wii console as a standalone product.  Later on in the year, it was announced that a limited version of NBA Jam would also be included as a bonus with copies of NBA Elite 11 for PS3 and 360.  This was obviously a point of some concern, as I don’t give a flying f….ig about sports games other than soccer or tennis.  The only other sports game that ever held any appeal for me was NBA Jam, and I couldn’t justify paying $60 for a basketball game I wouldn’t play just for a watered down version of what I really wanted.

Lucky for me, NBA Elite 11 is being delayed, and EA Sports has announced that NBA Jam will become available on 360 and PS3 as a standalone product, independent of NBA Elite 11.  We can expect NBA Jam to become available by the holidays.  There is no word yet if this will be a digital distribution or physical distribution, and at what price we can expect to see it appear.

All I know is that I’m buying it, I’m shooting from downtown, and I’m breaking the glass.

-[insert HE’S ON FIRE! here]

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