New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Trailer Is The Definition Of Epic

New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Trailer Is The Definition Of Epic

Hot damn does this thing have Hideo Kojima’s hands all over it. Prepare your bodies for nearly eight minutes of epicness!

Was their goal to make the newest Castlevania game a day one purchase for me? Did they want me to instantly forget the horrors of the past 3D Castlevania games and want this with the passion of a thousand thousand blazing suns? Perhaps they knew they could make me remember all the best parts of the Metal Gear saga and its finest story telling moments? Yes, I believe they thought they could do all of these things, as this is exactly what has happened. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has instantly gone from, “Hey, that looks neat!” to, “I will freeze myself until this thing is out. Remember to wake me.” This is just epic. Gabriel Belmont gettin’ all moody about his dead wife, Death, giant spiders, some lady with a giant suit of armor best friend, tentacles, colossi, whipping, Dracula and just so much more. I can’t even wait to hear Patrick Stewart’s voice over work for this. Oh yes, in case you forgot, Patrick freaking Stewart does a voice for this game. No, do not be embarrassed. I made that sound too when I found out.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow comes out on October 5th. I know it is only three weeks from now, but God does it seem so much farther away now.

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