New Dash Game Coming!

New Dash Game Coming!

Well Friday sure is turning out to be an awesome day! Fans of the Dash series by PlayFirst will be thrilled to know that, next week, a new Dash game will be announced.

Coming to the PC and Mac, a majority of the details are scarce right now, but here’s what we do know: Flo, of Diner & Wedding Dash fame, and her customers have been looking into the past of Diner Town.

Fans will be very excited to know that we’ll even get to see Flo at her first job working concessions for the local amusement park, DinerLand. An interesting tidbit about DinerLand is that Mr. Big’s father owned it. Cool, eh?

In addition to learning more about teenage Flo, we’ll also see some familiar faces as well like Grandma Florence, Colin the Cell Phone Guy, Barb the Business Woman, and Bernie the Bookworm.

Hopefully we find out more about this game come Monday (since Monday is technically next week and all), but if not, I’ll be waiting, patiently, with mouse in hand!

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