New HISHE: Empire Strikes Back

New HISHE: Empire Strikes Back

For a long time I’ve watched the How It Should Have Ended videos on YouTube. Not only are they hilarious, but they actually make sense when you really sit down and think about it. Yesterday they uploaded a video for how Empire Strikes Back should have ended.

Now, if you’re wondering what Empire Strikes Back is, kindly click on the X button at the top right of your screen because you clearly don’t belong here. How many of you are still reading this? 2 of you? Oh dear….

Anyways, as a fan of Star Wars, I found myself laughing at some of the stuff they put in there, and at one point, Darth Vader reminded me of the voice given to Satan in the South Park franchise. If you’re really into the Original Trilogy, and prefer the proper versions of the movies rather than the horrible re-mastered ones, then you’re going to love this. A tip: watch the complete thing until the end because even when it seems like it’s done, there is more content.

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